VNTRS is a Stockholm based consulting firm investing in tech Start-up companies. With our experienced team of entrepreneurs and programmers, we help tech companies in early stages build their product and their business. We use our background from large corporations and management consulting, combining it with technical expertise and our passion and drive for Start-ups.

We want to have skin in the game and therefore we work with a compensation model where we offer our services at an hourly rate below market price and instead prefer to become equity stakeholders in the companies we work with.

Flexible compensation model

Experienced and dedicated team

Proven track record working with start-ups



Our values build on quality, speed and passion. When we build a product, we strive to minimize time from idea to a minimum viable product (MVP) ready to be sold on the market. We use an iterative working methodology to ensure that we don’t overcomplicate things or invest time and money on something that won’t deliver value to the customer.

Quality is always prioritized

Local and agile delivery team

A great passion for what we do!



We always want to get to know new people that share our passion for building tech products and services in Start-up companies! If you can hack anything that moves or if you think you are great at building a business, drop us a mail, give us a call or come by for a coffee!

Are you a kick-ass programmer and want to work with building new cool products and services!? Read more here...



Got a proposal for a project, questions about VNTRS or are you just curious and want to have a chat with us? Get in contact!

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